Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) saves and improves lives across Scotland every day.

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) was launched on 23rd May 2013 to assist the Scottish Ambulance Service delivering front-line care to time-critical emergencies across Scotland. SCAA provides a fully equipped medical helicopter (EC135 T2i) that can be deployed from its central base at Perth Airport to incidents across the length and breadth of Scotland. SCAA also provides a 4x4 rapid response vehicle (RRV) which is used principally when the aircraft is not available due to severe weather, maintenance, or when it’s quicker to deploy the RRV.

SCAA currently operates 12 hours per day, 365 days of the year, and is deployed anywhere in Scotland where there are time critical medical emergencies. Our frontline crew consists of six paramedics and two pilots with two paramedics and one pilot on each shift. Since our launch SCAA has responded to over 1,650 emergency calls and has flown the equivalent of six times around the world. Incidents include car and motorcycle accidents, heart attacks, strokes, horse riding, hillwalking, industrial and agricultural accidents.

SCAA can reach 90% of the Scottish population within 25 minutes and our service saves lives and improves patient’s quality of life by flying expert paramedic care to the scene and providing speedy onward transfer to specialist hospitals. SCAA makes a difference - a patient’s chance of survival and full recovery are greatly increased if they receive the right medical care within the first hour of injury or illness, often referred to as ‘The Golden Hour’. The fast response of SCAA and its ability to reach Scotland’s most remote and rural areas saves vital minutes when every second really does count.

As well as academic papers to show that getting patients to theatre quickly increases survival rates, shortens hospital stays and reduces dependence on the NHS on discharge, SCAA has its own increasing evidence from patients of the difference it has made to their lives and those around them.

Terrible accidents, loss of life and life-changing injuries happen, they are a tragic but inevitable part of life. These dreadful events occur randomly and without warning and their impact is felt not only by the individual but by their families and communities as well as businesses and society at large.

Sadly, there is very little we can do to prevent accidents from happening but there is something that can be done to make a real difference to their outcome; by supporting SCAA through the Martin Currie Rob Roy Challenge you have the opportunity to fund life-saving, emergency missions to help the people of Scotland. There is nowhere in the UK that needs this quick and reliable emergency response as much as Scotland. Each year, SCAA is required to raise £2.2 million to provide our service to Scotland and we receive no government or National Lottery funding. On average it costs £2,000 for SCAA to attend a medical emergency and our missions often really do mean the difference between life and death. Your support of SCAA through the Rob Roy Challenge is very much appreciated.

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